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Anthony O'Leary - Cardiff Audi

"I use the gauge to check if a vehicle has been painted before making
warranty paint claims.
The service received was excellent and the gauge itself is a must have piece
of kit & should be in every warranty administrators tool kit".

Many Thanks
Cardiff Audi


Clint Beagle - London

Product: "Very good, easy to use, and readily portable".
Service: "Good, product arrived quickly"
Application/Uses to date: "Checking powder coat thickness on advertising
poster boxes".

CBS Outdoor Limited


Richard Sanders - Worcester

" I buy cars for a number of Franchised Dealers. I bought the gauge after
seeing someone using one on a car. I had just bought a Mercedes E320
Avantgarde Estate which I had missed a repair on, which unfortunately lead to
the dealer I had bought it for subsequently refusing to take the car off me at
the price agreed. I thought I couldn't afford to take such a risk again. The
gauge helps me find previous repairs so that I can asses if they have been
done to the necessary standard and help mitigate the risk of having cars
refused in the future".
"I ordered my PD8 on a Tuesday at 2:30pm and it arrived the next morning. A
great product and service at half the price of the other gauge I looked at".

Thank you

Richard Sanders Cars


Nigel Holmes - IVEI - Barnstable, Devon

"I do vehicle pre purchase inspections and on the first car that i used your PD8
on it showed up a repair that couldn't be seen with the eye....excellent
excellent price and quick delivery.
Worth more than it costs"

Many thanks
Nigel Holmes AMIMI


Scott Mackenzie - Littleport, Cambridgeshire

"I have my own mobile car valeteting business and use my PD8 Gauge to
determine the thickness of paint before proceeding with any wet sanding and
machine polishing to remove scratches/swirl marks etc.  I was impressed
with the speed of delivery, my gauge turned up the next day and I was able
use it straight away!  For the price my Paint Detective gauge performs
brilliantly, stopping my work from leading to expensive re-spray work if I
remove too much clear coat from a car.

The gauge has enabled me to complete all types of paint repairs from minor
scratch removal to whole vehicle machine polishing to remove oxidization".

Kind regards,
PCC Scott Mackenzie


Pav Khural - Reading, Berkshire

"As A Detailer i've found the gauge very easy to use in measuring paint
thickness on automotive paint to determine whether ot not there is a safe level
of paint to play with when doing more aggresive polishing or wetsanding, the
calibration checkpieces provided have allowed me to check the calibration of
the gauge very easily prior to taking paint depth readings for detailing and
reports, excellent service and after sales & quick delivery from the Paint
Detective Team"

Detailing World Member


Tim Stephenson - Maidstone, Kent

"Works a treat thanks - amazing service, great product.... Would highly
recommend to anyone!"


Tim Stephenson





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