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Microns or Mils?

Metric Measurement
Micrometre (µm) – also known as Micron
1 µm = 1/1000mm
PD8 Gauge measures coatings between 0 - 1250 µm (0 - 1.25mm)

Imperial Measurement (mostly used in the USA)
Mil – also known as Thou
1 Mil = 1/1000th Inch
PD8 Gauge measures coatings between 0 - 50 Mil (0 - 1/20th Inch)

1 Mil / Thou = 25.4 Microns / Micrometre (µm)

The Paint Detective PD8 gauge measures in Microns (µm) or Mil
Typically the gauge reads from 65 to 300 Microns / Micrometre (µm) when used to measure
vehicle paint thickness although higher readings of up to 1250µm (microns) will be seen
when very large amounts of filler are detected.
When used to measure coatings such as zinc plating and chrome finishes thicknesses can
be somewhat thinner and readings will be observed from as little as 10 microns upwards.


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