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Here at Motor Trade Online Ltd we offer a number of services to the New Car &
Used Car Dealer Community.

One of the projects we have undertaken for a client in the past 2 years was to
look at differences in how cars are bought and sold in a number of countries
looking for some best practice that maybe able to help UK Dealers maximise
profits and minimise risks. One of the observations to come from this was that in
some countries and in particular the USA we found that dealers where using
Paint Thickness Gauges in the appraisal process of vehicles bought in Part
Exchange and as Trade Purchases. There are a small number of dealers in the
UK that already have Paint Thickness Gauges but it was apparent that the prices
of these gauges have proved a barrier to purchase for many dealers. Our
research showed that gauges of similar quality and functionality as the Paint
Detective PD8 Paint Gauge cost more than £450 including VAT.

It became clear that we could cut out a lot of the cost and cut out the middle men
if we had our own paint gauge manufactured by a long established high quality
electronic instrument manufacturer in the Far East. This has enabled us to bring
the traditional accepted price down of what is and still remains a sophisticated
compact high technology piece of test equipment.

This is how the Paint Detective PD8 coating / paint thickness gauge was born. 

Speaking to a number of dealers both in the USA and the UK who use Paint
Thickness Gauges we have an insight into how they are used to good effect and
have listed some of these dealers comments below:-

“It is like have a second pair of eyes and even a silent negotiator as I
often ask customers and dealers alike if the car has had any previous
repairs as I walk towards the car with my gauge and more often than not
they tell me before the gauge touches the bodywork!”

 “Up until recently I laughed at everyone I saw with a Paint Gauge as I
had been bought up through the old school. I thought I could spot
paintwork on anything but in reality I know that I have been missing
paintwork and previous repairs quite regularly and it has already cost
me a few times.  In today's market it could be a real nightmare and very
expensive so I can’t do without my PD8 now ”

“It didn't take long buying in zero degree weather with rain, sleet, snow,
and even ice on cars to decide that I needed a Paint Gauge ”



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